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Old Laptop Batteries Could Help Light Developing Countries

IBM researchers in India have discovered that 70% of discarded laptop batteries have enough capacity to power an LED light bulb for 4 hours per day for a year. This is due to the fact that laptops lose their portability long before their batteries are completely dead (or their battery life becomes unacceptably short), so…
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Electric & Hybrid Ship Technologies Moving Forward… In Norway, Of Course

The technologies of diesel-electric and fully-electric propulsion systems are continuing to develop in Norway, according to recent reports, thereby allowing for cuts in shipping costs and the reduction of noise produced by ship propulsion systems. This could potentially result in ships nearly as silent as modern submarines. Amongst those in the Northern European country working…
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Crazy Steampunk Contraption Shoots Out Low Cost Solar Cells

In the quest for low cost solar cells, researchers have been diving into some strange new territory. The latest development comes courtesy of the University of Toronto, where researchers have cobbled together a contraption for spraying out solar cells. We’ve heard of spray-on solar cells before but the team, headed up by researcher Illan Kramer,…
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